Over the years, many private lessons have been taught. A lot of the time, students have the same interests and problems. Northview Golf Academy Clinic Series was designed to specifi­cally answer these questions in a focused, problem-solving environment. The Clinics are fun, affordable, and convenient and complement any lesson program you are in. You can pick and choose your interests and even repeat the same lesson if you wish. The approach and single-mindedness of each clinic allow the participants to “get what they want”.

All NGA* Clinics: 1 Hour * Northview Golf Academy

Group Clinic: $45 to $55 

Minimum 3 students, a maximum of 6 students.

Summer schedule and registration: coming soon

See a clinic you like but it is not offered? Or date and time do not work for you? Form your own group and we can schedule a class,

WHAT’S PLAYING Summer 2022

Putting—learn the basic set-up for putting and a series of drills that are fun and easy to practice. There are two levels offered: You will reduce your overall score faster on the putting green than working on full-swing. Are you putting with the correct putter for you? How many putts do you miss with-in 4 feet? How do you know the correct speed for those 40-footers? How much break do you play?

If these are some questions you have, don’t miss this lesson.

Clinic#: GC1011: 36 + putt              GC1012: 28 + putts

Greenside Chipping—can save the most strokes in your game.

Two class levels are offered:  Learn the set up to produce solid, clean contact on the ball.  Learn which club to use where and practice techniques for gauging distance. Focus is on all situations within a 15 to a 20-foot radius around the green. How about a ball in the deep rough to a short cut pin, or a ball collared against the fringe? Learn how the ball reacts under different lie-types.

Clinic#: GC1021 Basic               GC1022 Variation

Bunkers—learn why bunker shots are the easi­est shots in golf. Two class levels are offered.

Set-up is the key to making a masterful bunker shot. Make sure that if you get in a bunker you get out, the first time! This Clinic covers all the various situations you can have in the bunker. Nothing like the thrill of hitting a good bunker shot from a difficult lie.

Clinic #: GC1031 Basic              GC1032 Varied Lies

Pitching—is lofting the ball on the green using a partial swing. This can be a difficult shot if not learned early on. Two class levels are offered.

Learn which wedge to use when, and why. This Clinic begins with the most-used pitch shot in golf, the 40-yard shot. Learn to develop different swing lengths for pitching. You have 67 yards to carry the water, are you sure of the shot? Learn your swing yardages or repeat this class when you purchase a new wedge. Indecision is a killer in golf.

Clinic#: GC1041 Basic               GC1042 Variation & Precision

Pre-Swing—the stand at the ball is everything that is done pre-swing; the hold on the club, posture, aim and alignment.

Learn how to be comfortable before you swing the club. What to look for when purchasing new equipment. This is an excellent Clinic from a new golfer to advanced. For those who need a set-up check. Remember, this is the first place a profes­sional goes when working on their game. Equip­ment fit check and the make-up of your bag is also covered.

Clinic #: GC1061

Full Swing Fix It—if you were asked to describe the ball flight when you hit a bad shot, would it be:

  • A Slice • A Shank
  • A Hook • A Sky
  • A Top
  • Some Other Creative Term
  • Fat

This is a fix-it Clinic we will give you simple tips to “Stop Doing That.” This Clinic is informative and fun to attend.

Clinic #: GC1051

Gain Distance—do you want 10 to 15 more yards on your shots? Everybody wants to hit the ball further - learn how. This Clinic will focus on gaining distance, period.

Clinic #: GC1061          

Specialty Shots—get it moving toward the tar­get anyway possible! Sound like fun? Ever needed to hit a high fade or a low hook on demand, bump and run with a fairway wood? Specialty shots are the name of the game here.

Learn there are laws that surround the motion of club on ball. When you understand path, face and speed, your body is actually able to produce the desired results, instinctively. This lesson is essential for becoming a better scorer.

Clinic #: GC1071       

Golf—when you’re playing golf it’s about ball-to-target, not mechanics. Learn how to sense your target; it is more than just aim and alignment. Targets need to be engag­ing and compelling to you. Processing success will give you repeatable results through anchoring and reframing.  Do you have the first tee jitters? Afraid of bunkers? Can’t seem to make those three footers? Choking comes in many forms. Learn to make pressure your friend, not your enemy.

Clinic# GC1081     


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