Private Lessons

Golfers will benefit from private lessons that bring clarity to your goals, swing mechanics, and enjoyment of the game.

1 X45 minute                                  $125.00

Private Lesson Series

Develop a schedule that brings out the most in your game. The private lesson series is 45 minutes.

Series of three                                 $295.00

Series of five                                     475.00 

Series of ten                                      900.00

Series of twenty (15 Hours )            1600.00

Semi-Private Lessons (2 people)

1 X 1 Hour                                        $75.00 per person

Share your lessons with a golfing friend. learn how to successfully provide feedback to each other. Semi-Private lesson series are 1 hour.

Series of three                                  $195.00 per person

Series of five                                       325.00 (p/p)

Series of ten                                        600.00 (p/p)

Private Custom Group Lessons 

Lessons are customized to the desired outcomes of the participants and booked by appointment according to the group's schedule. All private custom group lessons are 60 minutes.

Series of three for 3-4 people            $170.00 per person

Series of four for 3-4 people               195.00 per person

Series of five for 3-4 people                235.00 per person

*Series of five for 5-6 people              195.00 per person   

*N/A at this time

New Client Lesson Assessment 

Not sure on which lesson series, package, or program would be right for you or your group? Get started on your journey to better golf.

Private                                                 $95.00

Semi-Private                                         65.00 per person

Custom Group 3-4 people                   60.00 per person




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