"The name Golf Professional is and must remain a pledge of honor, service and fair dealing. All members are bound by professional integrity, fidelity to the game of golf and a responsibility to employers and employees, manufacturers, clients and other professionals as determined by the constitution of the Ladies Professional Golf Association". (Linda Jervis, 2019)

Overall Career Objectives

The initials PGA stand for a world congress that maintains these ethics that guide my career. I am proud to be a member of this world congress and privileged to maintain these professional standards. Throughout my career I have sought to project a highly professional approach in all my activities. My high regard for the game and insights developed over years of experience has motivated me to expand my view of the role golf can play. I believe that the sport of golf can be used at many levels to enhance society. I seek to support individual development by helping others as a Teaching Professional to realize their potential.

I seek to support community development by creating education and golf-participation programs in the elementary, high school and community center. Most importantly I seek to foster the development of the sport of golf at all levels, from junior development to seniors training, from amateur competition to elite national tournaments and professional play. It is development of the broader role of golf as a life-spanning activity for our society that motivates my career focus.


My Focus

Linda’s focus is a simple one, HAVE FUN! Golf is a GAME and is meant to be a pleasurable experience. The Golf Club is a playground where you go to create, explore, experiment and relax. I strongly encourage a positive belief system (your actions) and goal setting approach to learning and playing the game.

The game of golf is not simply a learned set of swing mechanics. When your belief system and skills are in tune, you can’t help but have a positive experience playing the game.

Golf is not about “right” or “wrong”; it’s about gaining insight and feedback from your balls flight, a product of your stance, swing, and personal organization.

Teaching golf is about conveying an understanding of these factors. Positive coaching and feedback allow you to grow from your experiences, not just in golf, in life.

The golfing experience should be about what you learned about yourself and how much fun you have had, not how many strokes or putts you had while having “fun”.

Indian Summer Ladies Road Trip to Talking Rock

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