Better Fit   -   Better Game


There are no stock players, no stock set ups and no stock swings.

Bottom line:  If you haven’t been fit, you aren’t playing your best golf.  It’s that simple.

A Titleist fitting is so much more than determining your specs – it’s about learning which shots you play and finding the right clubs to hit those shots. In the end, fitting frees you up to attack the course with every shot and gives you the confidence needed to lower your scores.

Our team of Certified Fitters provides players of all levels the opportunity to benefit from properly fitted golf equipment. 


Trackman is a technology based on Doppler radar, that allows our Fitters to measure, in real time, what the golf club and golf ball are doing.  When a golfer hits a shot, Trackman generates 21 specific measurements of data that accurately identify impact and ball flight.


  • Bring your clubs and we will have you warm up before the fitting process begins.
  • Your Fitter will ask several questions to determine what your goals are.
  • We will begin to track data with your current golf club(s) to determine the updated Shaft and Club head combination that suits you best.
  • Then we begin to test various combinations of club head and shafts to determine your best fit.
  • Your Fitter records, measures and compares this data and in an easy to understand summary so you are able to make an informed decision on the unique specifications of your equipment purchase.


“The most important thing amateur golfers can do is get their equipment fit to them rather than trying to fit to their equipment…”

– Tiger Woods




1 Hour Trackman Fitting Session

Driver, Irons, Wedges, Fairway/Hybrid


Long Game

Driver and Fairway/Hybrids


Short Game

Irons and Wedges


Full Set Fitting (Up to 2 hours on Trackman)




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